iPhone User Guide - Apple Inc.

iPhone User Guide

By Apple Inc.

  • Release Date: 2019-09-19
  • Genre: Computers
Score: 4
From 660 Ratings


Here’s everything you need to know about iPhone, straight from Apple. This definitive guide helps you get started using iPhone and discover all the amazing things it can do.


  • Overall good and useful for anyone

    By Milky Curdled
    The book was really useful and practical. I actually didn’t read all of it tbh 😂 but from what I read was good. I would recommend this to everyone who is new to the iOS 13 for an iPhone because it basically covers everything from Messages to Music. But if you prefer to figure out the new update and iPhone in your own (I did 😂) you don’t have to read this.
  • IOS 13.2

    By Big Pun Mike
    Awesome great help! Keeps you up to date.
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    By cruixezztcuuxyxrxvu
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  • Why is it in dark mode?

    By HamishMcbean
    This is impossible to read! Dark mode is a gimmick and it doesn’t work for reading pages of text. This is pretty basic, i’m amazed that Apple would do something as useless as this.
  • Information

    By Taco guy 10
    Informed me a lot !!
  • iPad User Guide

    By SidsCardShop
    I guess I’ll never know whether it is any good or not, as you will not let me read it. It seems to me that buying an $800 tablet entitles me to instructions for its use. It seems there was a moment of agreement at Apple, for the listing states that it is free. Inexplicably, every time I click on “Get”, which I have done many times, I am told that there is a problem with a prior purchase, or some such nonsense. Apparently Apple and I have different understandings of what “free” means. Hopefully, kind Internet posters will keep feeding me information, without charging me for it, until one day I am triumphant over this adversity. Right now, I am stuck at not being able to get iPad OS to acknowledge video on external SSD drive. My Internet tutors apparently have not had this problem, as they simply say that it works.
  • Helpful guides

    By winhtike
    Nice and helpful.
  • EYE STRAIN !!!!!!!!!!!????????

    By SDreamer9
    Where Do You Enlarge Text Size? Experts?
  • User guide iOS 13.1

    By kjhgff FYI I ih478
    Another Apple mass confusion.hhjjjjkkjjbv55443
  • I was very glad to see this!

    By Billy in East TN
    Very well put together! Makes for enjoyable reading. Everything you need is right there.