Ultimate China Guide: How to Teach English, Travel, Learn Chinese, & Find Work in China - Nick Lenczewski

Ultimate China Guide: How to Teach English, Travel, Learn Chinese, & Find Work in China

By Nick Lenczewski

  • Release Date: 2016-03-15
  • Genre: Asia


How would you like to have an interesting lifestyle teaching English 20 hours a week in China with several months of vacation every year? This is exactly what Nick Lenczewski (Len-chess-key) did after he finished college and his book will help start you on the same path and guide you in the process of creating the type of lifestyle that will give you plenty of free time to travel and enjoy other activities. Today China has the world’s biggest economy and offers many excellent opportunities for foreigners who want to live and work there. You do not need to hold a degree in English or teaching and you do not need to even speak Chinese. You simply need to be able to speak English like a native speaker.

Within the over 190 pages of content you'll learn:
•How to find a job teaching English anywhere in China.
•How to pay off $10,000 in debt per year while working at an international company.
•Teaching advice and lesson planning tactics from a teacher with 6 year’s of teaching experience in China.
•A very effective method for finding a job in China (or anywhere).
•Gain an understanding of dating in China.
•How to prepare for an interview with a school or company in China.
•How to live rent-free.
•How to get your round-trip airfare paid for.
•Understand the different types of visas and visa procedures.
•Which Mandarin phrases to learn first in order to start speaking with locals from day one.
•The best tools to help you start learning Mandarin right away.
•My methodology for learning Mandarin quickly and effectively.
•How to make $75,000 per year privately tutoring students in English.
•Requirements for becoming an English teacher in China.
•The types of medical insurance plans that are available.
•The types of food available in China and Chinese eating etiquette.
•Where to go for adventure travel in China including kayaking and rock climbing destinations.
•How to deal with the inevitable culture shock.
•How to get a driver’s license and rent a car.